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2014 1oz 999 Fine Silver MaxCoin CryptoBullion Coin

VAT-Free Gold

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Year: 2014

Mintage: 5000 only!

Grade: Brilliant Uncirculated

Metal Content: 1 troy oz

Purity: .999

Diameter: 38 mm


MaxCoin Silver Cryptobullion (2015 Edition)
Cryptobullion is an attempt to bridge the gulf that has emerged between two distinct, but similar, asset classes - physical precious metals and cryptocurrencies. Despite these two forms of "sound money" sharing a large number of common properties, they are quite literally worlds apart from each other in many other ways.

Cryptobullion is the nexus point between the precious metals and cryptocurrency communities. It aims to demonstrate the advantages of each of these assets to those on both sides of the fence, and to raise awareness of the value of sound money to the wider public.

If you are a hardcore cryptocurrency supporter with zero precious metals, cryptobullion can help you balance your portfolio and benefit from the relative price stability of precious metals.

If you are a silverbug who thinks fiat money is a tool of oppression and have avoided cryptocurrency in favour of physical silver you hold in your hand, perhaps cryptobullion will help you better understand why cryptocurrency complements, rather than competes with, physical precious metals.

If you own no cryptocurrency or precious metals, then your time to acquire some with your existing paper assets is quickly running out.

Tell me more...
Precious Metals such as Gold and Silver are far from the "barbarous relic" they are thought to be by mainstream Economists in the 21st Century. They are one of the only monetary asset-classes that exist completely outside of the financial and banking system.

Cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, MaxCoin and StartCOIN) are a very recent innovation and are fighting hard to establish themselves as a legitimate asset class. MaxCoin a fair, free market cryptocurrency that had zero premine and is an experiment in free-market economics that seeks to utilise crowdfunding and leverage the power of the crowd to develop and sustain it's ecosystem.

Both of these assets, in addition to innovative new financial services (such as crowdfunding platforms, peer-peer lending platforms etc) that aim to disintermediate the extortionate practices taking place in the existing legacy financial system, have a role to play in rebuilding our economy from the ground up. Neither can achieve that objective alone.

What is MaxCoin Cryptobullion?
The MaxCoin Silver Cryptobullion round is a privately minted 1oz 999 fine silver coin, which features a tamper evident security hologram attached to one side of the coin. This hologram protects a MaxCoin private key, which can be considered the "password" for an address on the blockchain that contains 100 coins.

The public address associated with the hidden private key is printed on the front of the hologram, and this can be used to independently verify the balance using any reliable blockchain viewer.

To redeem the cryptocurrency, the hologram can be removed by peeling it off the face of the coin to reveal the private key underneath. Removing the security hologram destroys it in the process so that it cannot be re-applied.

Once revealed, the private key can then be loaded directly into your wallet and spent digitally over the internet.

The Benefits of MaxCoin Silver Cryptobullion
The binary inscription around the outer circumference of the MaxCoin Cryptobullion round (and on all Cryptobullion rounds) - “DEFENDIT NUMERUS” is a latin phrase that translates to “safety in numbers". Numbers don't lie, they can be trusted above all else.

The intrinsic value of Silver Cryptobullion does not depend on the good standing of a third party, unlike the majority of the alternative financial assets available on the market right now. Assets such as government bonds, stocks and shares, derivatives products, fiat currencies, mortgage backed securities and the plethora of other debt-instruments we are all encouraged to invest in, only have value if the creditor is trustworthy and intends to meet their obligations as promised.

These assets are glorified IOU’s created out of thin air with no real, tangible value. They are underwritten in many cases by bankrupt financial institutions which are only still in existence today due to the extreme emergency measures undertaken by governments around the world to keep them alive on life-support at the expense of society as a whole. Our fiat currencies only have value as long as weall continue to share in the delusion that the government who borrowed it into existence have the means to repay it.

Given that the amount of debt created over the past 4 decades has reached astronomical, eye-watering, historical all time highs, and with central banks around the world continuing to stoke the flames of inflation, a rapid and devastating currency devaluation is silently taking place. The developed economies of the world are all starting down the barrel of a gun, facing the early stages of monetary hyperinflation.

The effects this reckless policy of money printing has so far been successfully hidden from public view, but as prices in the economy begin to rise, this could potentially trigger a loss of faith and accelerate inflationary pressures.

The world is on a global fiat reserve standard since 1971, and governments have lived through a period of 40 years with the ability to spend unlimited amounts of taxpayer money by offsetting the debt into the future. They are squandering the prosperity of future generations. And society continues to permit this recklessness by spending and receiving payments in government issued fiat currency.

The instability in the economy is reaching critical levels, and the amount of systemic risk within the system is reaching such extremes that a catastrophic failure is at this point, a mathematical certainty. It is astounding that a system so broken and harmful to society has been able to continue for so long. Reality will soon sink in, but for most people, it is already too late to prepare for the inevitable disaster that is waiting just around the corner.

Precious metals remain the ultimate "safe-haven" asset and the recent flurry of innovation that is taking place in the cryptocurrency world is progressing at an alarmingly rapid pace. These two assets together offer us our best hope to escape the coming disaster unharmed, or to potentially even benefit from the biggest transfer of wealth that will ever occur in your lifetime. Cryptobullion gives investors a way to gain exposure to both the precious metals market and the cryptocurrency market simultaneously. Positioning yourself in these markets now, in advance of any banking failure, will allow you to gain maximum benefit from the wealth transfer that is about to occur from those remaining invested in a “paper ponzi” financial asset market to those invested in “sound money” and REAL, tangible assets.

Cryptobullion gives people an easy way to obtain a REAL asset with REAL intrinsic value. Cryptobullion has ZERO counterparty risk, so there is no potential risk in losing everything because of the incompetence of Bank CEO’s and Politicians. It also has allodial title, meaning that if you hold it in your hand, it legally belongs to you and nobody can take it away from you without your consent. They cannot seize your capital or freeze any transactions you make with cryptocurrency because of capital controls, or impose upon you immoral and unjustifiable negative interest rates whereby you get CHARGED for the benefit of handing over your money to the banks to gamble with on their casino platforms. Silver Cryptobullion could easily be THE ultimate safe-haven asset! Pledge to this project today and be one of the first to receive a Silver Cryptobullion round! See the specifications below for more details about the cryptocurrency options available to backers.

The Principles of Sound Money
Throughout recorded history precious metals have been selected by society, time and time again though fundamental market forces, to be the soundest form of money with which to conduct trade. Hard currency such as Gold and Silver are often referredto as "honest money" as they can ensure fairness for all parties involved in an exchange of value, without the need for a trusted third party to arbitrate the process. This proven historical track record has firmly established Precious Metals as the most reliable known monetary basis upon which to operate a stable, free-market system of economics, particularly over long periods of time and across international borders. The reason is because these metals are rare earth elements with certain unique physical and chemical properties that make them particularly suited to the important role of acting as a monetary instrument.

Many other physical commodities such as tobacco, cattle, grain, salt, tea, pearls and oil have been used as "hard currency" with which to facilitate trade. Commodities are a useful form of currency as they have "intrinsic value" which can be independently determined by anyone. In other words, they have value not because of a promise or guarantee from a third party, but because they are rare or otherwise scarce items, have unique or useful properties that make them in-demand by a large number of people.

These properties include:

Being naturally limited by the constraints of the planet's resources, physical commodities cannot be created “ex-nihilo" or rather, out of thin air. They are useful as currency because the supply is naturally limited, either because of high production costs or rarity. If it was possible to produce an unlimited amount of the item at little or no cost, then it would ultimately be deemed useless as a currency and unfit for purpose. The outcome in a free-market would be a rapid market devaluation until the currency had zero purchasing power remaining.

Allodial title
Ownership is implied by possession of the object. If you possess the asset then you hold the legal title to the property and are the legal owner. This is a necessary property of any currency as ownership must be quickly and easily transferrable. Assets like land, cars or real-estate are not useful as currency as title to these assets must be transferred through a third party.

Intrinsic value
Commodities have intrinsic value that is inherent to it's utility in daily life. This is compared to an asset that has value only because of the promises or guarantees offered by third-parties.

Zero counterparty risk
The value of a the object is not dependent on the good-standing of a third-party and there is no risk of it becoming immediately worthless should that party default on their obligations. Assets with zero counterparty risk are not simultaneously someone else’s liability - e.g. stocks, bonds, derivatives and fiat currencies.

While most commodities can be considered forms of “hard currency” and can be used to facilitate trade, the majority are either unreliable or impractical for use as money in day to day trade.

Sound money must have the following properties to be considered a dependable monetary instrument. Silver, Gold and some other precious metals like platinum, palladium, rhodium, are the only commodities that fulfil all of these properties to an acceptable degree:

    A Unit of Account
    A Medium of Exchange
    Readily Portable
    Easily Divisible
    Durable and Wear Resistant
    A Store of Value over Time

A sound money standard imposes restraint upon those who would otherwise act irresponsibly and abuse the monetary and banking systems for their own gain, and prevents the buildup of excessive levels of risk within the economy. When systemic risk is permitted to pile up over many decades to reach highly dangerous and unstable levels, a cascading failure of the banking and monetary system is not just a possibility, it is a mathematical certainty. When this inevitable outcome finally occurs, it will come as a surprise to the majority of those who have repeatedly failed to heed the warnings or inform themselves of the reality of the situation our Western Economies now appear to be facing.

Systemic failure will will cause widespread and devastating destruction of wealth and precipitate a rapid flight of capital en-masse out of all financial asset classes (derivatives, bonds, stocks, fiat currencies etc) in search of safety. Gold and Silver have traditionally been the go to "safe-haven" assets that worried investors flock towards in the face of periods of economic uncertainty.

An investment in sound money could help you to preserve your wealth and weather the storm should the economy flatline as a result of decades of malinvestment and unyielding abuse of the monetary system, which is one of the main structural pillars upon which our entire free-market economic system rests.

Precious metals are one of the only means by which you can hedge your financial future against the reckless decisions of others. As they will retain their purchasing power in the event of banking failures, paper currency hyperinflation or overt financial collapse, they offer you the chance to successfully navigate through a period of crisis such as this, largely unharmed.

Where does Cryptocurrency come in?
Cryptocurrency is a very recent innovation in banking and finance and is best described as an inherently deflationary currency regulated by a trustless decentralised network of computers that together maintain a distributed public ledger, without the need for a central authority to verify transactions. It is the expression of pent-up mistrust of and frustration with the existing global banking and financial systems. In addition, it represents the emergence of a "global insurrection against banker occupation” and a social paradigm shift away from the catastrophic Keynesian economic models that have brought the global economy to breaking point, and away from assets with uncertain levels of counterparty risk, encouraging those who are liberty-minded towards an economy that is free of excessive levels of debt and instead founded on a sound monetary platform that encourages savings and and prudent financial behaviour.

MaxCoin is an example of a sound digital currency that has a limited, finite supply known by all market participants. Cryptocurrency shares many of the properties that give silver and gold their use as money, while dramatically improving on others. This is not by coincidence, it is by design. The process through which new supply is created is a decreasing exponential function, mathematically modelled on the process of mining gold. This ensures a theoretical finite supply, which becomes progressively more difficult and expensive to create over time. However, while it fulfils most of the criteria of sound money, it has yet to prove itself as a reliable store of value over time. Prices in the cryptocurrency markets have been highly volatile while in their early stages, but this represents a truly free market with natural price discovery processes that are not impeded.

While cryptocurrency has huge benefits over existing monetary instruments, some argue it has no intrinsic value, while others argue that it has intrinsic value due to the fact it permits instant, global, peer-peer frictionless payments at almost no cost whatsoever. It's use as a currency is growing, but silver has a proven track record in it’s use as a store of value over time. Combining the properties of both of these assets into a Cryptobullion round gives investors the best of both worlds.


    The silver round will be 1.5 inches in diameter.
    It will have a silver content of exactly 1 troy oz of 999+ fineness.
    It will contain 100 MaxCoin stored on a private key printed on a 0.5 inch disc behind a security hologram of 1 inch diameter.
    The front of the security hologram will display the full address associated with the hidden private key so that the balance can be verified on the blockchain.
    Individual rounds will come in a protective transparent coin-capsule.
    Multiples of 20 will come in airtight mint tubes.

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